👋 Hi, I'm Tom Manning.

I use creativity and technology to solve problems for major brands, social causes, and for fun.

I used artificial intelligence to create a virtual life coach

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I'm a big fan of self-help books. So I took the most popular ones and used them to train a neural network – a type of computer system modelled on the human brain. After searching the texts for patterns in style and language, the algorithm could replicate those patterns to generate advice of its own:

The algorithm works by learning the underlying structure from all the data it gets, and then comes up with different combinations of the data. This often results in oddly wise-sounding remarks, such as:

I built a twitterbot to express what the neural network had learnt. For example, if the bot randomly begins a tweet with the letter “G,” it is somewhat likely to be followed by an “R,” and then a “O,” and so on until you finally get:

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Served partygoers acid-free food for Gaviscon

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We launched a Gaviscon food truck, selling the food you want on a Thursday night, you know, when you’re hammered.

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But each dish was designed to be PH-netural (free from any acidity) meaning no heartburn hangover the next day.

We went on tour, rolling up in major cities and music festivals around the UK to show partygoers that Gaviscon isn’t just for their grandparents.

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We ran tailored outdoor ads to let people know when we’d be arriving and documented the tour in a series of social films that ran on Instagram.

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Starred in my own commercials with zero acting experience

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Occasionally, clients want to put ads into research before they make them, so the agency has to produce 'animatics'. This kinda sucks. So to make it suck less, I created a 3D model of myself to star in my own ads.

The 3D file adds 10lbs, but I still insist on featuring somewhere in every animatic.

Released an ambient album to launch a new product for Optrex

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We created an album which, when paired with the Optrex eye mask, would help the user completely relax. We partnered with sound artist, Ash Sargant, and filmed his creative process as he tried the mask in different settings and recorded his experience.

He remixed the urban noise into soothing soundscapes which last ten minutes, the length of time you wear the mask. We released the album, 'Cloud 9 Recordings’, on Youtube and Soundcloud.

Built an app that finds you the chords for songs on YouTube

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Guitar Tabs is a Chrome Extension that lets you learn Youtube songs that rock. Click the button to open the tab, in a new tab, and start shredding. The application uses Ultimate Guitar, which has the tabs for more than 800,000 songs. If you want the fastest way to go from listening to learning, this is the app for you.

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Celebrated switching on the Out Of Office for Heathrow Airport

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Turning on your Out Of Office is a small thing but it marks the start of your holiday. This became the basis of a whole summer campaign for Heathrow Airport, playing out on TV, outdoor, and social media.

We asked travellers to submit their Out Of Office emails on social media and photographed our favourites for a print campaign.

Turned abandoned bikes into billboards to change the law

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London has the greatest number of abandoned bikes of any city in Europe. As a cyclist, I hate seeing these bikes go to waste, when they could so easily be repaired and rehomed. The problem is that these bikes' legal status falls somewhere between lost property and unwanted trash and the conditions for their removal also vary from place to place creating a tricky grey area.

To raise awareness of the problem, I figured that by jamming placards where the seatpost used to be, these abandoned bikes could be turned into billboards. I ran a placard-making morning with my local bike shop, Brixton Cycles, before hitting the streets to give these bikes a voice.

At the same time, I contacted local councillors making them aware of the billboards and the larger problem. A month later, I received a response from Wandsworth Council thanking me for ‘raising the issue’. Now, I'm in talks with the Road Services Department and Brixton Cycles on how we can retrieve the abandoned bikes, recycle them, and get them back into the community. It's ongoing, so watch this space.

Planned and ran a crowdfunding campaign that raised £44,000

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I built, managed, and marketed the Indiegogo campaign for ICE: a personal security device developed by Marc Lewis and the students at School of Communication Arts.

After writing press releases and contacting journalists, we were featured on BBC London Live, in the Evening Standard, and on a bunch of online new sites. The exposure – along with targeted social media ads – helped me build an email list of over 2000 names. The day the campaign launched on Indiegogo, we raised over half our target and shot to the frontpage of the website.

But enough about me, more about me.

I’m an advertising creative making films, bots and other internet-based stuff. What really gets me excited is using technology in unexpected ways to create compelling stories and experiences.

When I'm not working, you'll find me climbing or cycling around the world.

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Speaking and writing

I've been invited to speak at a bunch of cool events:

  • ACDE Barcelona (2017)
  • D&AD New Blood Festival (2017)
  • Silicon Beached (2017)
  • D&AD New Blood Festival (2016)
  • ACDE Rome (2016)

I've also had articles featured in print and online:

  • D&AD
  • Creative Review
  • Computer Arts Magazine
  • Campaign
  • The Drum


In my spare time I mentor some ferociously talented kids. It's energising and rewarding and I love it. So far, I've worked with: