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Help⥂Yourself is a bot trained on the world's most popular self-help books. Using a model of machine learning known as a recurrent neural network (RNN), it 'reads' the books over and over, until it can form it's own new sentences, like so...

Knowledge comes in various degrees but degrees are not always from a university.

— Help Yourself (@_Help_Yourself) October 23, 2017

Help⥂Yourself is beginning to have ideas of how to improve yourself, your relationships, and your career. Soon you'll be able to add your own wisdom to its training data, and even ask it questions.

Here's a little glimpse of how the RNN learns, using a text file of Tim Ferriss', '4 Hour Work Week'. After 100 read-throughs, it outputs random jumbles:

tyntd-iafhatawiaoihrdemot lytdws e ,tfti, astai f ogoh eoase rrranbyne 'nhthnee e plia tklrgd t o idoe ns,smtt h ne etie h,hregtrs nigtike,aoaenns lng

At 300 read-throughs we see it starts to get an idea about quotes and full stops:

"Tmont thithey" fomesscerliund Keushey. Thom here sheulke, anmerenith ol sivh I lalterthend Bleipile shuwy fil on aseterlome coaniogennc Phe lism thond hon at. MeiDimorotion in ther thize."

Now the words are also separated with spaces and the it starts to get the idea about full stops at the end of a sentence. At 500 read-throughs:

we counter. He stutn co des. His stanted out one ofler that concossions and was to gearang reay Jotrets and with fre colt otf paitt thin wall. Which das stimn

At 700 read-throughs we’re starting to see more and more English-like text emerge:

Fall unsuch that the average of people five that me of her hearly, and behs to so arwage fiving were to it beloge, pavu say falling misfort how, and correct course is so overelical and ofter.

At 1200 read-throughs we’re now seeing it use quotations and question/exclamation marks. Longer words have now been learned as well:

"What do I want?" you do need control. Ever seen them? Feeling, then, is that this is people...."

Until at last we start to get properly spelled words, quotations, names, and so on by about 2000 read-throughs:

"Learn to be difficult" he replied. And it is precisely what you are willing to chase. The bottom line is asking yourself this questions that only you have the answers for."
A list of the books Help⥂Yourself is trained on: